Best Way Ever to Repair a Hole in Drywall

Cynthia’s Brilliant, Easy-Peasy, Nail Hole Fix (and NO, it’s NOT toothpaste!) I’ve walked into many homes and seen patches of paint on walls where picture holes used to be. Thing is, I’m not SUPPOSED to see them. They’re supposed to blend in!

Too often, the homeowner grabbed what looked like the right paint, but it wasn’t. It wound up looking too dark, too light, or has a satin finish when the rest of the wall is a flat finish. Next thing they know, they’re painting the entire wall. Not fun!

I had to come up with a solution. FAST. So, I did!

Step 1:  Remove the screw or nail.

Step 2:  Flatten the drywall edges by inserting a golf tee or pencil into the hole, or using the head of the nail to flatten the edges (because you won’t be sanding anything).

Step 3:  Put a teaspoon of spackling in a paper cup.

Step 4:  Add wall-matching paint to the spackling and mix well. Color won’t be as dark as walls but it will be close enough.

Step 5:  Using a toothpick, scoop up a tiny dollop of the mixture to fill the hole (don’t use your finger, you’ll just make the patch spot bigger).

Step 6:  Swipe level with a credit card. Done!

Holes are black. All we’re trying to do is create color-on-color, without making the patch-job the size of a baseball. Even if the paint isn’t a perfect match, the tiny dot won’t be seen.

BONUS TIP: No paint and trying to get a color match? First, look to see if the air vent return was painted the wall color. If it was, unscrew it and take it to the paint store. Otherwise, remove an outlet cover, carve out a quarter-size piece of painted drywall, and take it to the paint store. Easy-peasy!

Did you like this tip? I gotta million of ‘em! Make your home work harder for you. Reach out to schedule your brief Strategy Call today!

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