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Re-Think, Re-Arrange, Re-Design

Our home is more than a place to keep our stuff from being rained on.

And yet, that’s often how we treat it: like a giant, expensive storage unit.

When you step into your home, how do you want to feel? Your home can affect your mood, self-image, finances, relationships and your health. It shouldn’t be an afterthought, because you are not an afterthought.

Home Base. A base supports what stands on it. Therefore, your home should support you. It should work for you rather than against you.

A dream home isn’t something in our future. We can create it today, with what we have, after answering a few key questions.

It can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint, a reorganized kitchen, a repurposed guest room, a different furniture arrangement, or a plan and shopping list.

We work together to transform your home from storage unit to sanctuary.

How can I help you create the home you want?

  • You want to love your home NOW, rather than wait until you sell it.
  • You want to see how current pieces can work with a new design direction.
  • Before you embark on selling a home you love, you want a fresh perspective to see if it can be tweaked to accommodate your changing needs.
  • You want creative and low-cost solutions for updating.
  • Your home feels more like a giant storage unit than your personal refuge, and you want it to be more efficient and functional.
  • Everything worked in the old home’s layout, but the new home’s layout has left you bumfuzzled.
  • You would feel better having a second opinion on your paint, carpet, tile, furniture and fabric selections, and avoid making expensive mistakes.
  • You are single and want to turn your crash pad into a sweet space for entertaining.
  • You want to brainstorm creative ideas and alternatives before remodeling, because it’s cheaper to change any plans now, before hammers start flying.
  • No one ever taught you how to set up a home, and you’re tired of living in chaos.
  • You and your partner have different opinions about how a room—or the entire house—should look, and need help turning the discussions into an action plan.
  • You want help with the finishing touches: hanging pictures, arranging displays, mantles, bookcases, china cabinet, tablescapes, and tweaking furniture arrangements.
  • You’re weary of having the same disagreement with family members about the amount of stuff everywhere: too much, in the wrong place, too visible, too disorganized, too overwhelming, not enough help, too many hand-me-downs, don’t know where to begin.
  • You want help figuring out what new pieces to buy.
  • You want to freshen things up a bit.
  • You don’t want to wait for “someday” to get your Dream Home, you want to create it NOW!

Our home often mirrors what’s going on inside us. Is it time for a makeover? We’re each born with different gifts. This is mine. Use my gift to help you take care of you!

Remote Consultations are available for 95% of my services. (Ask me how I remotely rearrange your bookcases—it’s genius!) Reach out for your brief Strategy Call today!


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