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Hi! I’m Cynthia Gentry Black with Home Staging by Cynthia.
Welcome to The Home ReBoot!

Selling your home? Staying put? Suffering from Accumulation Fatigue? Downsizing? Building a staging or organizing service? Let’s get started!

Home Staging by Cynthia, LLC

Home Staging & Training

Stage What You Own Before & Afters

Home Staging by Cynthia, LLC

Re-Think & Re-Design

Craft a Home You Love Before & Afters

Home Staging by Cynthia, LLC

De-Clutter & De-Stress

Less Stuff More Life Before & Afters


Stage to Sell

During one of the most stressful times in life—relocating—I arrive prepared to make everything you own help sell your home. Feelings of overwhelm and stress fade as rooms are completed, and the to-do list becomes crystal clear. For more information about your staging session, read Home Staging FAQs.

“Can you help me with my new house?” ~Many Happy Clients after seeing what I do with their home (Oh, and “Yes, I can!”)
[Free checklist: Before A Showing]

Home ReBoot

Do you struggle with what goes where? I help capable, intelligent people suffering from disorganization and Accumulation Fatigue become unstuck, make clear and painless choices, and create a peaceful, beautiful home. No more hiding behind closed doors. Become a Functionista within a safe, shame-free zone.
[Free worksheet: Where I Get Stuck]

Downsizing Plan

Have you wanted to right-size for years but are plague by questions? “Where to start? What to keep? What to toss? What to sell? Estate sale or Garage sale? Dumpster? Off-site storage unit? What if I don't know where I'm going and what I'll need? Will I have to move twice?” I know the questions to ask and steps to make to help you move forward with a solid, clear plan.
[Beat Downsizers Syndrome]

Clutter Transformation

Do you feel like your stuff owns you, rather than the other way around? Tired of having the same family arguments? Is overwhelm taking its toll on your body? Get the most from your home with a fresh approach. My fresh, purge-enabling work is truly transformational, helping you get the most from your home, quickly.
[Why Decluttering is So Overwhelming]

Pre-Selling Consultation

When you need a well-thought-out plan to execute over a few months, or you’re not sure where to spend your budget on updating, a walk-through Consult is the way to go.
[Design Mistakes for Bad Resale]

Moving Cost Reduction

A relocation is costly, fast-paced and has many loose ends to manage. Who has time to go through the stuff? Just load it all on the van and deal with it later, right? But this is an area where costs can be reduced dramatically, and it’s far less work than you think! “I never thought of it this way.” ~Said by Countless Relieved Relocation Clients
[Save Moving Costs]

Move-In-Day Plan

Move in with a plan by mapping out where everything goes beforehand, then guide your movers with confidence and efficiency!

"I have used Cynthia on my sales…she is awesome. Use her and see what a difference she can make! Also, she’s a good house-warming gift for those who can’t figure out where to put what." ~Happy Realtor®
[Save Your Sanity on Move-In Day]

Interior ReDesign

Give yourself the gift of turning this home into your dream home. Create an escape room; get a new furniture arrangement; select fresh paint colors; live with beautifully-arranged bookcases and displays; reconfigure storage; nail down a plan and shopping list. Live a beautiful life, NOW!
[Stager or Decorator?]

Couples Coaching

Blending households? I mediate, providing neutral yet creative direction for differing tastes. Idea: Include my gift certificate in your wedding registry! Constantly bickering over clutter? I provide a fun and eye-opening solution, while preventing bloodshed.

Bachelor/ette Pad Facelift

Tired of your place looking like a crash pad, or haphazard storage for your clothes and protein powder? It takes surprisingly little effort and money to create a sweet landing pad—good enough for entertaining—and still have it reflect who you are.
[What Your Home Says About You]

Grief Transition

While healing after death or divorce, our home can become a burden, often leading to neglect and clutter. Use your time in "Limboland" to imagine the next leg of your journey, starting with your home. Creating a fresh look is a step forward, and a great source of self-care, when you're ready.
[Selling During Grief]

Speaker/Podcast Guest

Many fresh, fun, transformative topics available. Request your copy of my one-sheet, and let's talk about your audience and program!

Remote Consultation

We literally “phone it in!” Whether in person or via video conferencing, I simply need to see your home to help you get the results you want.
[How Remote Staging Works]

Furniture Rental & Alternatives

Call to discuss your needs and lower-cost, innovative alternatives. I can coordinate the rental of staging furniture (or a referral) if truly needed.
[When to Rent Furniture]

“Flip” Consultation

Whether an investment property or home improvement project, budgets can get eaten up quickly. Before drywall dust starts flying, run your plans by someone who has worked in thousands of homes, and sees what people tend to want.
[Impress Women First]


It’s a movement, it’s freedom, and it’s catching on! Minimalism is a way to live Broader, Lighter, Richer and more Intentionally. It’s choosing what supports the life you envision, summed up by “less stuff, more life.” I can help you get radical, or ease you gently into “minimalism lite.”
[Too Much Minimalism?]

Home Stager Mentoring

If you have a passion and a talent for interior design, becoming a home stager may be the best decision you ever make. Available: one-on-one Home Stager training, a self-teaching program, and one-on-one mentoring for existing stagers who want to tweak their services.

Professional Organizer Mentoring

Organizers, are you looking for a way to stand head and shoulders above the crowd of organizers, and offer a transformational element to your work? Let’s talk!