Let Home Staging by Cynthia be your secret weapon for getting your home sold…FAST!

Getting buyers through the front door is good. Getting a Contract is better. But getting buyers into a bidding war for your home is the best! ~Cynthia Gentry Black

Over 9,000 homes staged since 1999!

True Story, Common Story
Buyer feedback was, “Needs updating.”
Frustrated seller thinks, “New granite counters?”
Realtor® says, “Call Cynthia.”
I walked into a mix of dated and new furnishings, and too much of everything. Proceeded to load the dining room with a ginormous pile of hearts-ducks-doilies-dolls-pink-apples-roosters for her to pack (or donate). Kept and reworked the updated pieces, rearranged the furniture, suggested updating the brass breakfast chandelier and cabinet pulls. SOLD to the next buyer!

Home Staging is the hottest and most effective marketing tool to attract buyers and help a home sell quickly, for the best price possible. My name is Cynthia Gentry Black, and I have staged thousands of homes with consistent results: Sold Fast!

My proven strategy is to arrange your furnishings to ensure beautiful Internet photos. These entice buyers to tour your home, where they experience the best first impression possible. My goal for you: Multiple offers!

“I can’t believe you did this using only my stuff!” ~Many Happy Clients

Benefits of a Staged Home

All things being equal (price, location, square footage) the more “well-dressed” homes sell first. A staged home looks best for the Internet photos, making it a “must-see—quickly—before someone else snatches it up!”

Buyers who fall in love with a home new to the market are less confident that a lower offer will be accepted. If they want it they’ll offer their best price!

After arranging your furnishings, a good home stager helps prioritize tasks that maximize your time and budget. No guess-work, no over-spending, no focusing on the wrong things!

Getting a contract means relief from the relentless cleaning, picking up after the kids and pets, vacating for showings, doing it alone because a spouse has already relocated to the new city, while the prospect of two mortgages looms ahead because you already bought your next house. Sell faster, get your life back and move forward with the process!

FACT: The best chance of getting an offer closest to the asking price is within the first week to 10 days of a home hitting the market. A staged home will spend 30% fewer days on market (national average). Don’t wait until it hasn’t sold to have it staged! (Blog: Selling Do’s and Don’ts)

Contact Me for the names of Real Estate Agents who pay for Home Staging by Cynthia as part of their listing services!

What You Can Expect from
Your Appointment with Home Staging by Cynthia

  • A fresh furniture arrangement.
  • Lovely displays, using what you already own.
  • Zero- and low-cost updating ideas.
  • A prioritized plan for using your time wisely.
  • Tips on preparing for showings.
  • Help identifying items to be pre-packed.
  • Answers to “What do I do with all of my stuff?!
  • A short list of items to buy or borrow.
  • Help selecting paint and other finishes, if needed.
  • All of the above…
    …often within just two hours!

Home Staging Appointment FAQs

After loving on your pets (can’t help myself!) I’ll begin with a tour of your home, seeing it as a buyer will see it. Then, I start moving things around to make a positive First Impression, and to set up the rooms for your Internet photos. My goal is to make everything you own work hard to sell your home. It’s a whirlwind of activity and it’s usually over in two hours! Afterwards, you have a much clearer vision of what to do, why, and how to save time and money doing it.
[What Should I Do With My Pets?]

Chocolate is always good! Seriously, just continue with what you know you need to do, such as scheduling the window and carpet cleaners, doing paint touch-ups, and cleaning like a crazy person. Before you patch any holes in the wall, read my brilliant tip!
[Best Way Ever to Repair a Hole in Drywall]

I typically stage days before the photos are shot, but some people benefit more from a visit at the beginning of the process. Sometimes a quick telephone conversation will help you decide. If needed, I am happy to visit twice, but will try to complete everything in one visit.
[The Critical First Two Weeks]

There’s a ton of mis-information out there, such as “Empty your bookcases,” and, “Set the dining room table,” and, “Remove all personal photos.” “De-personalize” applies to everything in our home, because it’s all personal! Staging is strategic, and each home is different. If your Agent is paying for staging, absolutely take advantage of it! I believe in doing everything possible to increase your chance of selling within the first week, especially zero-dollar things such as emptying the shower prior to a showing. This helps ensure the best price possible, maximizing your ROI.
[How to Screw Up a Quick Home Sale]

Absolutely! I often ask, “Will you be priced at the top, middle or low end of your comparables?” I then speak to those expectations. While most sellers are reluctant to spend money on a home they’re leaving, I help prioritize projects that will bring the best return. I try to avoid spending your money; but, if money is to be spent, I’ll also make a good case for it. You can then make an informed decision. I take it all under consideration to find that sweet spot for you!
[Quick and Cheap Home Repairs]

Yes! I bring a big talent for planning, design, cost-savings, and personal coaching. I shift the focus from your stuff, to you, which of course is a lot more fun! We can then quickly cut through the “what-ifs” and put a step-by-step plan into place. What I usually hear afterwards, “I never thought of it this way!”
[Downsizers Syndrome]

First, please know that I bring no judgment. This is a difficult issue for many, and the chaos of moving adds another layer to the pressure. The chaos often stems from having too much to do, zero time to do it, and too many unanswered questions. The sooner I step into your process and projects, the sooner I can help you blast open the bottleneck issues that are choking your progress. We then time-line a workable plan, resulting in clarity and relief. After working with one seller, she said, “Can you move in with me?”
[Why Decluttering is So Overwhelming]

Absolutely, and my approach is surprisingly simple. Even if your company is providing a stipend for relocating, wouldn’t it be nice to pocket some of it afterwards?
[Always be Sale-Ready]

Absolutely! I often hear, “I can’t believe my house looks the best it’s ever looked, and now I’m selling it! Next house, you’re coming in at the beginning so I can enjoy it!” My focus is a bit different though. Instead of staging to sell, I design for YOU!
[Redesign Services]

After thousands of homes staged, I’m able to quickly download your home in my head, then get to work. I can usually wrap things up within two hours. You might have homework afterwards, but you’ll also have a solid plan and peace of mind.
[Free Pre-Showing Checklist]

"Do what you love and you will change lives, starting with your own.” ~Cynthia Gentry Black

Anyone can waltz in to a seller’s home, compile a multi-page to-do list, then waltz out leaving them overwhelmed and under-served. If you want the satisfaction of taking something and making it better, if you want to DO the rearranging and feel the love afterwards, then you’ve found the right resource!

“Dear Cynthia, Carrie and I had such a great time training with you in Kansas City! You had so many valuable tips and so much insight to share with us. I feel much more confident now and ready to take on this exciting adventure! Thank you SO much for allowing us to be a part of everything! The two days went by too quickly!” ~Bradi & Carrie R., Katy, TX

Learn from a full-time professional home stager who has staged thousands of homes.

Do any of these statements sound true for you?

  • You have natural talent. We all have something of value to offer the world. Whatever you’re good at, someone else isn’t. Whatever someone else is good at, you probably aren’t. When we all show up with our best gifts, we supplement each other. Like gears fitting into gears, together we turn the world.
  • You have confidence. If you love doing something, you’re probably good at it. How do you know? Because people compliment you. Friends ask for your help. Encouraged, you do more of it. You get better at it. You show up with joy and enthusiasm for a talent that you clearly own.
  • You love your home. It reflects your talent for “nest feathering” and creating beautiful spaces. You want to help everyone enjoy a home that nourishes them.
  • You are not reading this by accident. You’ve toyed with the idea of interior design or staging homes, thinking, “I could do this!” You’d love to learn from the best: someone who’s staged thousands of homes and is willing to download everything that has worked (and didn’t work) into your brain!

I have been blessed with talent and a successful business that often has three appointments booked per day. What I do is very satisfying. It helps a lot of people. I get to use my God-given talent. Plus, I like that my hard work and many years of experience benefits MY bottom line, not an employer’s!

The Need for Good Home Stagers

Inexpensive home furnishings coupled with tons of ideas on the Internet have made interior designers of everyone. Home buyers—typically the women—respond to beautiful, well-edited homes. They expect them. The bar has been raised.

Likewise, almost every decision to tour a home on the market begins on the Internet. Good photos are EVERYTHING. Home stagers are “editors.” My training and perspective teaches you how to take spaces to their highest level possible, typically using what sellers already own.

“The way we live in our home is different from the way we sell our home.” ~Cynthia Gentry Black

There are many elements to creating a well-staged home. I’ve seen the work of some stagers, those who think that having ZERO accessories on ANY surface, including bookcases, is the right way to go. It’s not. It’s lazy and leaves not only the homeowner cold, but buyers, too. How do I know this? The house doesn’t sell and I’m called in to stage the home by the second Agent, and it DOES sell. Just because anyone with a car can call herself / himself a home stager doesn’t mean that just anyone should!

With so many stagers out there, you can’t just “learn as you go.” Not if you want to last! The bar has been raised for Stagers, too.

Three Solutions

When I began my stage-what-you-own service in 1999, I was constantly contacted by people wanting to shadow a home stager. In response, I wrote one of the first Home Staging Manuals available anywhere: “Secrets of a Home Stager: How to Create Your Own Home Staging Service.” Thousands of copies have been sold all over the world, to rave reviews, and is now available as part of my Home Staging Course.

Still, the need remained for those wanting to work beside me and learn in real-world situations. Home Stager Training resulted, with one-on-one field training in actual sellers’ homes.

And, because people want to brainstorm along the way, I offer Home Stager Mentoring.

Home Staging Course, Training, and Mentoring

This is NOT a classroom setting or a home study program with a test that you pass or fail. It’s not a franchise with fees and licenses. It’s not a staging certification program meaningful only to those selling one of many certification programs. Rather, you choose how you want to learn, whether in-person or on-line. Afterwards, you will have learned:

  • How Home Staging is different from interior design.
  • Where staging fits into the real estate process.
  • How to define and price your services.
  • How to tap into the Home Stager’s market.
  • How to get past the front door and start the process.
  • How to work with the first impression each room is making.
  • How to assess and arrange furniture and accessories.
  • How to make a home more memorable than its competition.
  • How to deal with sensitive issues, and sensitive sellers.
  • Tricks of the trade.
  • Zero-cost and low-cost design tips.
  • Short-cuts and time savers for sellers.
  • How to assess the best return on the seller’s investment.
  • How to motivate sellers to spend money, if necessary.
  • How to prioritize a To-Do List to maximize time.
  • How to overcome resistance.
  • What to consider when creating your business.
  • What to consider when it comes to your schedule.
  • Ways to grow your business in specialized areas.

“The hands-on home staging training course I received from Cynthia really helped me address all the concerns I had about starting my home staging business. It was wonderful to see a professional in action and to know that not only do I have a knack for this business, but that it is doable. No classroom, book or school could teach you the concepts taught to me by Cynthia. This course exceeded my expectations. The trip was successful in every way! Cynthia is professional, detailed and a great teacher. If you are looking to start your home staging business and don't know where to begin, spend time with Cynthia—you will not be sorry you did. When you come home, you will be ready to open up your home staging business and have all the tools you need. The home staging training, for me, had great value! Thank you, Cynthia, for a wonderful experience.” ~Candida M., Princeton, NJ

Should you become a Home Stager?

The answer is, Maybe. I walked into a seller’s home and she declared excitedly, “I could do this!” I took a look around and it was clear that interior design and arranging just wasn’t her thing.

It’s a big step to start your own business. I get it. If your Creative Self (boundless, fearless, expressive) keeps bumping into your Practical Self (realistic, unsure, logical), I can help you get more clarity.

The truth is, the world doesn’t need more stagers who get into this because they think “It’ll be fun,” yet they don’t possess a natural talent for arranging furniture and accessories. It’ll be more frustrating than rewarding, and they won’t last long. Guaranteed.

Whether you are thinking about becoming a home stager, or have been one for a while and would like to re-craft your business model, or you just want to learn some well-honed tricks of the trade, let’s talk.

If you already invested in a home stager training program, and are feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, or intimidated, let’s talk. My mission is to help stagers become confident in What they do, Why, and How they do it, so they can build a successful service doing what they love, helping people, and earning a decent living.

Schedule a quick remote tour of your home, and receive my feedback (honest, caring, useful). Don’t invest in anyone’s program until you take advantage of this FREE offer.