Move-In-Day Solutions to Save Your Sanity

Imagine moving from Europe to the United States and hearing that everything in your moving container won’t be delivered for another week. You’re alone in an empty house, no bed or blanket, no towel, no car, no toilet paper, nothing to drink from. This happened to someone I know. It made me think about what I would have packed in a suitcase.

Most moves aren’t as drastic, but they can be frustrating. Perhaps you’ve arrived at the house and are waiting for the moving van. They were scheduled to arrive at 9:00 a.m., but are just now rolling up at 3:00 p.m. Break-down, flat tire, drove to the wrong state. It happens.

The movers finally leave and you’re surrounded by towers of boxes and empty fast-food containers from breakfast, lunch and dinner (the trash bags are in a box). You’re exhausted and over it, and just want to start fresh tomorrow. The beds are assembled, but somewhere in this mess are the sheets and pillows, and the kids’ pajamas. Yeah, you’re starting to get the picture.

Move-In-Day Solution #1: What will you wish you’d packed in a suitcase? Here’s a list, to get you started:

___Toilet Paper

___Box Cutter

___Screw drivers and pliers

___Sheets, blanket and pillow for each person’s bed


___Clothes for the next day


___Bath soap

___Bath Towels (plus one for the floor)

___Pet Food


___One sports bottle per person, for water


___Important documents, contracts, utility contacts

___Reading glasses

___Electronics and chargers

Has this ever happened to you? What would you add to your list?

And now, let the unpacking begin! *ugh*

Move-In Day Solution #2: While moving companies can unpack everything (and haul away packing paper and boxes), did you ever want someone to work side-by-side with you to set up your home? Or, set it up for you while you were at work?

I provide three Move-In services:

Move-In-Day Plan: We meet at the new home, or look at photos and/or a diagram, then lay out the furniture arrangements. In this way you take full advantage of your movers’ backs and biceps as they bring items into the house and place them. Idea: Post each room’s layout on its door.

Kitchen Set-Up: Crunched for time? Get your kitchen set up by an efficiency pro. We have a preview session (in person or remotely) and I go to work.

Home Set-Up: Many people unpack, put it all away quickly, and promise to refine the spaces when there is more time. Too often, this refining work never happens. Why not set up for success at the start? This work is best done with you available to consult, but it can also be done after a walk-through (or remotely) if you cannot be present. The goal: to find the best home for everything, arrange furniture, hang pictures, arrange the bookcases, set up closets, and organize your home for maximum efficiency from the start.

If you ever wanted to do something nice for yourself, this is it. I make a great move-in gift from a friend or relative, too!

Moving is one of life’s top three stress-makers (the other two: death and divorce). Give me a call to discuss your project, so you can reduce your stress, and start off right with a beautiful new home!

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