Find Hidden Savings for a Cross-Country Move

I staged the home of a Kansas City Chiefs player who was traded to another team. He and his family ransacked their KC house for the few items they wanted, then left a fully furnished home behind for an estate sale.

It was a large house, filled with toys, furniture, lamps and accessories, dishes, lotions…the works. They figured it was less hassle to buy new for their next home, than it was to have the old stuff packed, hauled, unpacked, and set up in the new home.

It helped that they didn’t have any real attachment to trendy décor. No doubt their new Arizona home would not look like the Tuscan-style house they left behind.

Most of us don’t have the kind of bank that a pro-baller has, but most of us do have the kind of items to which we have zero attachment.

When faced with a move half-way across the globe, we wouldn’t take everything we own because it would cost a fortune. We would identify our non-negotiables—some photos, family recipes, select jewelry, mementos—and sell what remained.

We wouldn’t take multiple sets of dishes—including those in the basement from family members passed. We’d take either a non-negotiable set, or buy new after we arrive. Even if the move is just a handful of miles away, how many sets of dishes, old bedspreads and outgrown toys do we need? I’ve lost count of the people who laughingly point to the boxes they haven’t touched since their last move.

Most of us don’t want to deal with it. We pack it all with the intent to sort through it later. If we run out of space, time or energy, we might haul it to an offsite storage unit until we’re ready. But then, the stuff we don’t like, need or use becomes the most expensive stuff we own, as we “buy it again” every month the rent is due.

Many of us believe our myths about our stuff, keeping us hanging on far too long, myths such as “I won’t make what it’s worth,” or “I must keep it because…it belonged to someone important…my kids might want it…I might need it…I’m going to fix it…” to name a few.

We’re making it a bigger project than it really is. The goal is to surround yourself with items that you love. To achieve this, I help people make decisions quickly and easily, without pressure or pain. Over and over, after working a few minutes with a client I’ll ask, “How do you feel?” “Great! I can’t believe how good this feels!” And just ten minutes earlier they were stuck and struggling.

Something else to consider is that, when moving, we will touch everything we own at least three times. We’ll put it in a box, move the box to the truck, the truck to the house, unpack the box and place items on the counter or floor, then pick up the item a third time to put it in its new home. Minimum, three times. Every. Single. Item. All I can say is, you’d better love it!

If you’re being relocated to another state, and your company is paying for the move, the temptation is to take everything and figure it out later. A move from California to Texas almost guarantees a bigger house, so no big deal. A move from Texas to California, however, where you may be stuffing 3,500 square feet into 2,100 square feet, well, that’s another story.

If your company is providing a stipend for the move, wouldn’t it be nice to pocket the cash and go shopping once you find your new home?

The money saved from shipping and from monthly storage unit fees, combines with the money gained from selling items. It all goes into a budget for purchasing what we need when we arrive in our new location. On-line and thrift shopping can further keep costs down. Not everything needs to be brand new and expensive.

I can help you figure out what to keep and what to sell—and how to sell it—prior to moving. It’s a super-easy process that can remove a lot of stress and put cash in your pocket. It’s a powerful and profitable appointment, but don’t wait until you have one week to make a decision. Call me today to create a plan!

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