The Surprising Tweak My Clients Love Most

I can bring a bucketful of brilliance to my home arranging appointments, but this one tweak gets the most squeals of delight from clients.

It works only with round tables but it’s crazy simple: turn the table legs and then position the chairs on an “X”. That’s it!


  1. None of the chairs are backing into a walk-way, window or other furniture.
  2. It uses the space differently and simply looks better.
  3. Chairs stay on the rug, helpful if the rug is smaller.

Just do it. I promise you’ll be saying what every homeowner says after I do this, “I can’t believe I didn’t think to do this!”

The other thing I hear most often from homeowners, “I wish I’d known about you sooner. I could have been living like this all along. You’re definitely coming to my next home!” Don’t wait to fall in love with your home when you’re selling it. Schedule your makeover today!

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