Design Your Flip to Impress Women First

There’s a saying: “Women buy houses. Men buy basements and garages.” If your house doesn’t blow HER skirt up, it ain’t gettin’ bought!

The woman who lets her partner select a house without her involvement is rare. Unicorn rare. I’ve staged over 9,000 homes, and can count on one hand the number of women who didn’t have a say in selecting her house.

So, Mr. or Ms. House Seller, here’s how to help her say “YES!” to your house:

Master Closet

If you can figure out how to give her a huge walk-in closet without turning the house into a 2-bedroom, you’ll have her undying gratitude. At the very least, customize the closet with double-hanging bars, and shelving for shoes.


In the kitchen, master bath, laundry area, basement, over the cars in the garage, anywhere else you can think of. Don’t finish every square inch of the basement and leave zero storage space.


Off with the cheap paneling or paint it a neutral color. Repaint the dark bedrooms. Kitchens must have good lighting, so install it under the cabinets if necessary (or stand a cute lamp in a corner counter then leave it on 24/7). For natural light, check out sun tubes. Switch out dark pillows and accessories for lighter versions. Just give her light or give her directions to the next listing.

Complete the Update

Don’t add granite kitchen counters but leave the tired 4” white tile back splash (unless the granite is mostly white), and keep the discolored brass cabinet handles. The granite won’t “carry” this very important room, and will instead cause buyers to put hands on hips and wonder why you didn’t finish the job. A bit more money and you’re offering a drool-worthy kitchen.

The Woman Perch 

Equivalent to the Man Cave, the Woman Perch would be a screened-in porch. One look at that and she may no longer care about the dated dining room wallpaper.

Anything the Female Half Has Hated Since Day One

Guys, if your woman has hated something since Day One and you’ve resisted changing it, well, shame on you because now you’re going to address it, you’ll admit how good it looks, and she’ll be like, “We could have been enjoying this all along!” She represents your target market, so, Change it. Fix it. Remove it. If she’s hated it since Day One, there’s a good chance the next buyer will also hate it. This is not about who’s right or wrong, it’s about getting top dollar for your home. Just do it, and get over it.

The Basement or Garage

Yes, guys, your needs are important, too, but don’t waste time or money spreading epoxy paint on the garage floor if the interior walls need paint and you must choose between the two before going “live.” If funds are limited, don’t spend money perfecting the basement when the master bath floors are covered in yucky carpet. If the basement is finished that’s good enough. She only cares that none of her decorating—or shoe—money is going towards drywall.

That said, if your home offers a media/game room, newer roof, windows and HVAC system, and there is nothing on the Honey-Do list, You, Mr. or Ms. House Seller, will have just won over The Man, too. Plus, you are positioned to price your home closer to the top of your comps.

My goal is to get buyers arm-wrestling for your home in the front yard, while saving you money. Together, we’ll find that “sweet spot” of getting the most bang for your updating bucks and limited time. Call today to schedule your consultation!

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