How Remote Staging Works

Once upon a time there lived a couple in Ohio who wanted to move to Florida. Tired of the snow and ready for warmer days, they worked with a wonderful real estate agent in Florida, who found them the perfect home.

Ecstatic, the couple returned to Ohio, found an agent to sell their home, stuck the sign in the yard and planned their going-away party.


No one was making any offers for their spacious house on a couple of acres. The Ohio agent didn’t believe in stagers. The Florida agent did. She told her sellers, “I used to work in Kansas City with the first Home Stager in the area to stage what people already owned. Let me connect you.”

She even offered to pay for the appointment.

The Home Stager called the nervous Ohio homeowners, who were about to be making TWO house payments. They coordinated a date and time, and the nervous couple began to feel hope once again. They promised to have a fully-charged phone prior to the FaceTime call.

During the appointment, the couple rearranged furniture, decorated their kitchen counters, set up a sitting area off the kitchen, and made note of items to put into storage. Armed with a to-do list and a suggestion to ask their Ohio agent to re-shoot some rooms and send the photos to everyone who had toured the home, they bid farewell.

After about a week had passed, they had a contract. They threw their going-away party, enjoying the new sitting area near the kitchen, and were settled into their new home within 45 days.

And we all lived happily ever after.

Whether there are no stagers in your area, or you need a quick turn-around and no one can accommodate your schedule, or you want another set of eyes on your current home to help with a new direction, call Home Staging by Cynthia. You, too, could be just one FaceTime call away from your happy-ever-after home!

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