Cute Idea for Involving Your Child in the Home Sale

While staging the home of a precocious 8-year-old who had all kinds of things to share about her home, it occurred to me: Wouldn’t it be interesting if home tours were conducted by children? And wouldn’t it be a great keepsake if it were recorded?

I thought about how the home would be presented from their perspective—their memories of each room, what would stand out as important. The room with an updated fireplace surround becomes the room where Nana and PawPaw sang karaoke. The room with the built-in bookcases becomes the room where Santa delivered the new puppy.

Through the eyes of a child the house would become the home you want to remember, the home they remember, now. Rooms would come alive with stories of what has taken place in them. 

Ask your child to pretend you are a buyer and he or she is the real estate agent. You can start outside and make your way inside, going room by room. Prompt with questions: What is this room? How did your family use this room? What fun memories will families make in this room? What is the best thing about this room?

The answers will delight for years to come. With younger children who may not remember “the old house,” it’s a way to bring it back to them later in life, especially if they feel left out when the older children are doing the “remember when” thing.

In the case of multiple children, have them go through together and play off of each other.

Oh, and keep some tissue tucked in your pocket, just in case!

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