Unique Way to Visualize Color Before Painting

Are you thinking about painting your center island a different color from the rest of your kitchen, but you’re not sure how it will look? Here’s my suggestion: Go visit your clothes closet.

I had a client who wanted to paint her kitchen cabinets black, but wasn’t sure how it would look. I went to her closet and pulled out a white, black and steel blue shirt.

As she stood back for a wide-angle view, I held up the different shirts at different places so she could see how they looked with her floor, counters and back splash. She ended up painting the island steel blue because it looked more updated with her beige surfaces. Having seen the black, she admitted that she would not have liked it in after all.

Giant paint chips exist in your closet. Sometimes you need to see whether the khaki color you’re thinking about painting your living room will clash with the tan sofa. You might decide to go lighter. Or darker. It might change your whole direction: you might decide to paint the wall khaki then buy a navy sofa instead.

Not sure what accent color you want to pop with pillows or window treatments? Drape different shirts on the sofa, hang a sweater on the picture hook next to the windows. Look around: your kid’s pale orange stuffed animal could end up being the exact color to brighten the blues you also like. 

Maybe you already know your design idea is going to look terrific, but you need to convince your other half. No need to convince. Let them sit back and see in person what you already see in your head.

Though most paint stores offer samples to paint on the wall, pick them out AFTER you have narrowed your selection to one general color.

Need another set of eyes on your ideas? Give me a call, put on the tea and let’s have some fun! Meanwhile, happy draping!

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