Luxuries Worth the Extra Money

Something I’ve learned is that it’s easier to spend $50 ten times than it is to spend $500 once. And yet, it’s those $50 items we typically find at garage sales, not the $500 items.

I love the idea of “buy the best you can afford.” For me, it’s items that I use every day: skin and hair care, food, and bedding. Vanity, and creature comforts; yup, that’s me!

I belong to a group where someone posted this question: What is something you own that you spent what you consider to be an exorbitant amount of money on, that was 1000% worth it? Here’s a list of most replies:

Tools used for my business
Hardwood Floors
Heavy-Duty Cookware
Good Sunglasses
Hair Stylist
Skin Care
Organic Food
Shell-less Bird Seed
Framed Artwork
Thick Wine Glasses
Kitchenaid Mixer
Comfortable Deck Furniture
Berkey Water Filter
Shelter Kitties
Speed Queen Washing Machine
Solid Wood Furniture
Air Fryer
Ninja Foodie 5-in-1
Hiking Boots and Backpack
Philips Somneo Smartsleep Sleep and Wake Up Light
Pets (“cheaper than therapy”)
Manduka Pro and B (yoga) Mat
Dyson Cordless Vacuum
Laser Hair Removal
Digital Photo Frame (my walls can only hold so many)
Prescription Drugs that Keep My Child Alive
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream
Car Maintenance
Sonicare Diamond Clean Toothbrush
Watercolor Art Supplies
Best Yarn for when I knit

Having a home that restores you rather than depletes you is one of the most luxurious things you can do for yourself. Give me a call to begin the transformation today!

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