Best Shower Cleaning Solution Ever

I’m so annoyed that I’ve lived this long and only recently learned about this cleaning hack. Short ‘n sweet, but it’s so good it deserves its own post.

  1. Combine equal amounts of Blue Dawn and White Vinegar.
  2. Spray it on shower tile, the base, shower doors and chrome.
  3. Wait one hour—give it time to work its magic. Not longer—don’t let it dry or you’re back to scrubbing.
  4. Take a scrub brush to grout or to the grooves of a textured base, if needed.
  5. Wipe mixture off with a wet sponge. Rinse the gunk off of the sponge after every swipe.
  6. Rinse well. BE CAREFUL! The base will be slippery.


The vinegar breaks down hard water and the Dawn breaks down soap scum. It may smell like pickled soap, but I can live with it because the chemicals aren’t going to kill me or the cat. Bonus!

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