Favorite Master Sitting Area Makeover

Are you blessed with a separate space within the master bedroom that can be turned into a private quiet space? Here are some ideas for taking advantage of it.

If it’s a wide space with a wall of windows, don’t position two chairs facing the room. The view is either the bed or your bathroom door. Instead, turn the chairs so they’re facing each other along the windows. Bring in a shared ottoman and go from there, adding matching floor lamps and two small pedestal tables. In this way, both people can enjoy the view, face each other and enjoy each other.

If your sitting area is a smallish alcove with one small window, you can still position the chairs to face the other, but they may need to be in a diagonal line within the room.

Other ideas for the alcove-style space: a yoga space; a reading room with books; a temporary nursery; a walk-in closet with vanity, with an added sliding barn door. Avoid using this space for storage, office, or exercise area, unless you can close it off with the barn door. Who wants to wake to work or disorganized “ugly” every day? Not me!

Are you struggling with trying to create spaces that will both meet your needs and look good? Give me a call today!

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